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When And Where It All Started

   As a young kid I just loved music, and would sing along with mom and dad's albums and 45's. ( many of you might be thinking "what is that"), but for us older folks that was the style back then. The more I sang to my wife she encouraged me to go to karoke bars and sing, and after meeting some friends we started a country band and I sang in honky tonks for many years. My wife at that time had started going to church, and I wanted no part of that. I did decide to surprise her one sunday morning and as I listened to the preacher speak I thought "hey there might be something to this Jesus". So I began to visit more and more and after many months of feeling convicted in the house of the Lord I knew what I had to do. December 30 2003 I asked the Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. After a couple of months I got the courage to try to do the special song in the morning service. Though I loved singing it was the first time I did it sober. Then after a couple of years we decided a church change was needed and I met some wonderful people who asked if I would like to go with them to sing a couple of songs. I was hooked. The overwhelming feeling of singing for the Lord was amazing. I traveled with them for a year and a half and felt called to take my ministry solo. Although I felt alone up there by myself, I knew I had to let the Lord take over. The rest of my story continues to grow each day. The new experiences that are ahead, I'm sure will help me grow even more.

THank you all and GOD BLESS

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