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DATE               LOCATION                 CITY/STATE                    Time



1-18-19    Rose Ave. Comm. Ctr.  Wash. C.H Oh                    7:00PM


2-2-19   Christian TV                     Marion, Oh                            6:00PM


2-10-19  Troy Gospel Tabernacle  Troy, Oh                            10:30AM


2-16-19   The Lighthouse             Findlay, Oh                           6:00PM


3-10-19   Betlehem Christian Union   Wapa, Oh                   10:30AM


3-21-19   Troy Gospel Tabernacle  Troy, Oh                           7:00PM


3-22-19    Revival                              Troy, Oh                               7:00PM


3-23-19    Revival                               Troy, Oh                               7:00PM


3-24-19    Revival                               Troy, Oh                              10:30AM


4-6-19  Southside Rest.               Findlay, Oh                            6:00PM


4-7-19  Spfld. Tabernacle         Spfld., Oh                                 11:00AM


4-12-19  Gospel Expo                    Van Wert, OH                      5:00PM


4-13-19  Gospel Expo                     Van Wert, Oh                      4:00PM


4-14-19  Delphos Wesleyan        Delphos, Oh                       10:00AM


4-22-19   Urbana FWB                Urbana, Oh                          7:00PM


4-27-19  Lil Country Church       Spfld., Oh                           6:00PM


4-28-19  Auglaize Free United   Harrod, Oh                         6:00PM


5-3-19    Victoria's Inn                Trotwood, Oh                       6:00PM


5-5-19   Spfld. Enterprise         So. Charleston, Oh             11:00AM


5-11-19   Bethlehem CCU              Wapakoneta, OH                  TBA


5-18-19  Coming Together Ctr.  Dayton, Oh                         6:00PM


5-19-19  Spring Sing                No. Baltimore, Oh                  12:00PM


5-21-19  New Haven FWB         New Haven, In                    11:00AM


5-21-19   TLC Ministries         Harrod, Oh                              6:00PM


6-2-19   Foxwood Hills            Middlebury, In                        10:00AM


6-8-19  Christian Tabernacle   Wapa, Oh                              5:00PM


6-9-19   Compassionate Minist.   Clyde, Oh                          10:00AM


6-9-19   Truckers Chapel       No. Baltimore, OH                   6:00PM


6-15-19   SRGVA                       Upper Sandusky, Oh              1:00PM


6-16-19   Urbana FWB             Urbana, Oh                               11:00AM


6-20-19  Gospel Fest                 Dalton, Ga                                 TBA


6-21-19   Gospel Fest                 Dalton GA                                  TBA


6-22-19  Gospel Fest                  Dalton, GA                                TBA


7-13-19   Gospel Barn               Caledonia, Oh                          6:00PM


7-21-19  London Gospel Tabernacle  London Oh               10:30AM


7-27-19   Harrison Park          Upper Sandusky, Oh             5:00PM


7-28-19  Seneca Co. Fair           Tiffin, Oh                                  12:00PM


8-3-19   Coming Together Ctr     Dayton, Oh                       6:00PM


8-4-19   Foxwood Hills            Middlebury, In                      10:00AM


8-9-19  Tri State Showcase     Fairfield, Oh                           TBA


8-11-19  Catawba Christian    Catawba, Oh                          11:00AM


8-18-19   Praise In The Park    Spfld., Oh                              6:00PM


8-22-19   Gospel Sing/W Adam Crabb  Dalton, Ga            7:00PM


8-23-19  Gospel Sing / W Adam Crabb  Dayton, TN          7:00PM


8-26-19  Hancock Co Fair          Findlay, Oh                        6:00PM


8-31-19   Six Flags over Georgia         Georgia                     TBA


9-15-19   Venice Rd Baptist    Sandusky, Oh                         10:30AM


9-15-19  Wyandot Co. Fair     Upper Sandusky, Oh            2:00PM


9-21-19   Ada Church of Christ    Ada, Oh                                2:00PM


9-28-19   Ada Gospel Sing           Ada, Oh                                    TBA


10-17-19  WV. Quartet Conv.     St Albans, WV                        TBA


10-18-19   WV Quartet Conv.    St Albans  WV                         TBA


10-19-19   WV Quartet Conv.  St Albans  WV                           TBA


10-20-19  Urbana FWB              Urbana, Oh                             11:00AM


10-26-19   Gospel Harvest        Tiffin, Oh                                  12:00PM


11-2-19  Essex House                  Upper Sandusky, Oh            3:00PM


11-2-19  Village Rest.                  Upper Sandusky, Oh            5:00PM


2-15-20   The Lighthouse          Findlay, Oh                              6:00PM


3-6-20    1st Baptist Church of Ossian  Ossian, In                12:00PM


3-14-20   Cabin Fever Sing    Tiffin, Oh                                     1:00PM


4-3-20    Gospel Expo          Van Wert, Oh                                5:00PM


4-4-20    Gospel Expo           Van Wert, Oh                                4:00PM


4-26-20  Auglaize First Baptist   Harrod, Oh                           5:00PM


5-2-20  Charles Meadows Apts   Tiffin, Oh                              2:00PM


5-2-20    Village Rest.           Upper Sandusky, Oh                   6:00PM


5-17-20  Spring Sing            No. Baltimore, Oh                       12.00PM


5-24-20  Ada Church of Christ  Ada, Oh                                  5:00PM


5-31-20  Foxwood Hills      Middlebury, In                            10:00AM


6-4-20   GMW                        Ann Arbor, MI                               TBA


6-5-20   GMW                        Ann Arbor, MI                               TBA


6-6-20   GMW                        Ann Arbor, MI                                TBA


6-13-20  Christian Tabernacle  Wapakoneta, Oh                 5:00PM


6-14-20 Truck Stop Ministries  No. Balt., Oh                         6:00PM


7-16-20   Gospel Music Weekend  Mansfield, Oh                   TBA


7-17-20   Gospel Music Weekend   Mansfield, Oh               TBA


7-18-20   Gospel Music Weekend   Mansfield, Oh                TBA


7-26-20   Seneca Co. Fair         Tiffin, Oh                                   1:00PM


9-20-20   Wyandot Co. Fair      Upper Sandusky, Oh          1:00PM


10-3-20   SouthSide Rest.        Findlay, Oh                              6:00PM


10-31-20  Gospel Harvest Fest   Tiffin, Oh                             1:00PM








































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